A family with very different eating habits looking for snacks we can all enjoy, its not only Vegan &
Gluten Free but its made with love and clean ingredients, with no compromise on taste!

Kind Lyfe promotes clean & healthy living by respecting all life forms around us, as well as our own bodies. We are here to fulfill Wants & Needs for a healthy lifestyle without compromising on Taste & Cravings. Giving you delish goodness free from Chemicals & Preservatives!

The Health Enthusiast

  • Has food intolerances
  • Is all about the importance of Gut Health
  • Eats gut friendly food for health reasons & to boost immunity
  • Always reads food labels in search of clean ingredients

The Experimenter

  • Interested in trying to improve diet & lifestyle
  • Sees the benefits of a gut friendly diet
  • Enjoys junk food, however open to healthier alternatives

The Foodie

  • Your typical foodie - loves to eat everything
  • Assumes that allergen free snacks compromise on taste & texture
  • Always looking for healthier options, only if they’re yummy!